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J.K.Shah accountants have designed a unique system to remove the complexities of accountancy and compliance with tax matters, including self assessment and the related deadlines.

JK Shah
J.K.Shah accountants removes your worries by utilising a practical book keeping system that is easy to understand and designed to use as little of your time as possible.

J.K.Shah accountants requires the completion of a standard form each month. Every quarter we then prepare an analysis of your financial position, allowing you to keep track of your finances.


JK ShahJ.K.Shah accounts are managed by the partners of J.K.Shah Accountants, backed up by an experienced and professional support team who have extensive knowledge of working with small or large businesses. We offer a 'one stop' service which includes the provision of independent financial advice.

For a complete description of the services offered by the J.K.Shah system visit the How It Works section.

Whatever your situation, let J.K.Shah account for it.

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We deal with the paperwork

Minimal time spent on record-keeping

Advance knowledge of all tax liabilities

Accounts and computations prepared promptly

All your business affairs handled by experts

Fees agreed in advance and paid for by monthly standing order

Management accounts prepared quarterly, this is included in our fee.

Access to a friendly team of experienced professional advisors

Avoidance of penalties for late submission of tax returns 

We deal with Companies House filing requirements and deadlines