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If you are an independent contractor, or considering becoming one, you simply can't afford to ignore J.K.Shah accountants, a unique accountancy, tax and record-keeping system designed especially for you. 
Your Problem

JK ShahBecoming an independent contractor offers many benefits and can be extremely lucrative for you. The problem is the financial maze you are faced with.


JK Shah
Looking after your company demands your time and attention. The last thing you need is the worry caused by a mountain of paperwork.

But paperwork is a fact of business life and unless it is dealt with in a correct and timely manner the very existence of your business could be at risk.

JK Shah



We deal with the paperwork

Access to a friendly team of experienced professional advisors

Avoidance of penalties for late submission of tax returns 

We deal with Companies House filing requirements and deadlines 

Value for money, cost efficient system 
Independent financial planning service